Naruto Revisits Boruto's Best Power

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has brought its first half to a close, with the son of the Seventh Hokage hurdling toward an uncertain future that was predicted at the start of the anime adaptation. With Konoha struggling against Code and his new iteration of the Kara Organization, the ninja world has been confirmed to return for a "Part 2" in the future. In episode 293 of the series, fans were given the return of one of Boruto Uzumaki's most popular abilities that have been away for quite some time.

The Jougan Eye is an ability that is unique to Boruto Uzumaki, thanks in part to his status as a failed Vessel for the celestial ninjas known as the Otsutsuki. While we've witnessed the son of the Seventh perform some startling feats in the past when it comes to his jutsus, this power is still steeped in mystery. The eye itself can do a number of techniques that are similar to the likes of the Sharingan and the Byakugan such as detecting chakra and alerting the user of upcoming danger. However, there is still much that has yet to be revealed when it comes to this power that can only be obtained by someone with a strong connection to the most powerful antagonists in the ninja world. Needless to say, Boruto Episode 293 ending with this power making a comeback is an excellent cliffhanger.

The Jougan Eye Returns

In bringing back Boruto's Jougan ability, so too was the anime adaptation able to bring back the future scenario that sees teenage versions of Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki throwing hands. At present, Studio Pierrot has yet to reveal when we can expect "Part 2" to arrive. Luckily, the shonen franchise will return this fall to release four new episodes of the original Naruto series, though details about what this comeback will entail are few and far between. 

Luckily, fans who will miss the shonen franchise still have new chapters of the manga to look forward to as the series drops installments on a monthly basis. With the previous chapter, the ninja world has been turned upside down as Boruto's status has changed astronomically. In this shift in reality, it seems that the future that was predicted earlier in the series is barreling toward the shonen heroes. 

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