Boruto Midseries Finale Drops Naruto's Saddest Scene Yet

Boruto's Midseries Finale is now out, and it features one of the most heartbreaking moments in the entire Naurto Saga! 

The penultimate episode of Boruto Volume 1 saw things reach a drastic point, as the "ghost" of Momoshiki Outsutsuki took over Boruto once again, and this time nearly laid waste to Naruto, Sasuke, Kawaki – and even Kara's deadly cyborg Code! When it looked like Momoshiki's rampage couldn't be stopped (and was only the harbinger of worse dangers to come), Kawaki made the unthinkable choice to honor his promise, and stop Boruto from being corrupted by any means necessary – including punching a hole through the chest of his "bro" Boruto!

As you can see above, the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations midseries finale opens with one of the saddest moments that we've ever seen Naruto have to endure, as he realizes to his horror that Boruto is truly dead. The flashback from Boruto's recent moments all the way back to the day he was born captured a father's anguish like an Oscar-worthy family drama story we've seen –  and was definitely the lowest and most vulnerable point that we've ever seen Naruto fall to. 

The drama and despair don't last too long, of course: Naruto and the Hidden Leaf Ninja still have a battle to wage at both ends, with Kawaki, Code, Ada and the new threat of Damon still at play. Naruto also gets the miracle of a lifetime when Boruto is revealed to still be alive, with his body having been healed by Momoshiki. Of course, even though Boruto gets resurrected he's not necessarily the same "son" Naruto had lost moments earlier: Momoshiki sacrificed his own resurrection in order to replace Boruto's destroyed body with Otsutsuki parts. As the Midseries ending ominously foreshadows, both Boruto and Kawaki are left in a place of not quite being noble heroes anymore, as they both have tremendous Otsutsuki powers at the cost of their very humanity. 

(Photo: Viz Media)

Where that leaves Naruto is going to be interesting to see in Volume 2 of the Boruto anime. Naruto has to balance his obligations as a dad with his duty as the Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village, as well as his new responsibilities in adopting Kawaki as a surrogate son – and all the danger that comes with it. It doesn't feel like this will be the last time Naruto sees some real horror and heartbreak... 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime's first volume can be streamed on Hulu and Crunchyroll.