'Boruto' Reveals One 'Naruto' Hero Is Dead

When it comes to Naruto, death is something its story cannot avoid. Over its tenure, the franchise has parted with a fair few characters, and it is never easy seeing another one go. May it be heroes or villains, saying goodbye isn't easy for fans, and Boruto is making audiences part with a rather unexpected character.

So, spoilers below!

Not long ago, Shueisha put up the latest chapter of Boruto, and the sequel caught up with its take on Team 7 as it came face to face with one strange baddie. After fighting Ao, Boruto and his team were cornered despite having Konohamaru watching over them, but Kashin Koji stepped into the fight like a double-edged sword. The new villain crushed Ao to fight Team 7 himself, leaving fans to guess whether the renowned Mist ninja had actually been killed. And, if Kashin is right, then the old man is definitely toast.

After seeing a bit of Boruto's true power, Kashin chooses to let the group live, but he does make an announcement before beating a retreat. "Since Ao is dead, you have my gratitude," the baddie reveals, so there you have it. Kashina and Kara have led to the death of the famed Byakugan Killer, and fans aren't sure how to feel about Ao's death.

After all, the ninja was less-than-heroic in his final years. In the wake of the Great Ninja War with Madara Uchiha, Ao was severely injured and seemed to be disenchanted with the whole profession. He allied himself with Kara as a low-tier member, and he killed Leaf ninja on his last excursion. In fact, he would have taken out Boruto's team if given the chance, but the blond-haired hero was able to redeem Ao just a split second before the Mist ninja was killed. Still, Ao was an ally to Naruto during the war, and he did his best to save the ninja world to do so. He sacrificed much of his body to provide intel to those fighting on the war's front, so the loss of Ao is a bittersweet one for Naruto fanatics.


With a major death on his hands, Kashin is looking more dangerous than ever, and he has shown he is no pushover in direct combat either. His small skirmish with Konohamaru proved how deadly the Kara member really is, and his ability to wield an actual Rasengan has only made the masked villain that much more suspicious.

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