Naruto Cosplay Unleashes Bodypaint Baryon Mode

One of the biggest, and perhaps last, transformations that Naruto has employed was Baryon Mode, the form that fused the Seventh Hokage with the unbelievable power of the Nine-Tailed Fox but resulted in the death of Kurama as a result. With Naruto now not having the power of the larger-than-life beast to rely on, the future is definitely darker than in years past. One Cosplayer has decided to honor the strongest technique of Naruto to date, using some intricate bodypaint to bring the Baryon Mode to life from the sequel series of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

While the struggle against a new Kara continues to unfold in the pages of the sequel series' manga, the anime is set to dive into a new challenge for Team 7 and the next generation of the ninja world as the Chunin Exams will begin once again. Obviously, Naruto won't be participating in these exams, with being an adult and Hokage and all, but Boruto and friends are going to have some new challenges on their hands as they attempt to level up in the world of ninjas. When the smoke clears, fans are sure to wonder which young ninjas are able to achieve the level of Chunin.

Instagram Cosplayer BVI Mermaid shared this impressive new take on Naruto's ultimate form, which was enough to sap a large percentage of Jigen's strength as he attempted to absorb the body of Kawaki, but ultimately spelled doom for Kurama as he gave a teary goodbye to the Seventh Hokage before passing from this mortal coil:

Though the Nine-Tailed Fox might be gone, fans are left wondering for just how long, as the Tailed Beast is a being of energy and spirit, leading many to believe that it might be reincarnated with a new personality at some point, but definitely won't be attached to Naruto as a result. Boruto himself never had the power of the Nine-Tails at his disposal, but he has a far more fearsome being bouncing around his skull as a result of the energy known as Karma, with the Otsutsuki member known as Momoshiki attempting to take control of the young ninja's body.

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