Naruto Theory Explains How Tenten Could've Become the Strongest Ninja Ever

Naruto has one of the most enduring anime legacies out there, but not all of its clout is for the best. Characters like Naruto and Sasuke pulled through their character arcs like champs but others did not fare so well. In fact, fans have increasingly critiqued Naruto over the treatment of its heroines. And thanks to a now-viral video, one fan is breaking down how the franchise did Tenten the dirtiest.

The explanation comes from TonyWeaverJr as the TikTok user broke down the ordeal real simply. "What I'm about to say might sound crazy but hear me out - Tenten could have been one of the strongest people in the Naruto universe," the shared.

You can check out the video above for a full breakdown of the theory. Weaver argues Tenten was left behind in a big way despite a major launching point debuting during the Great Ninja War. It was during that arc the Sage of Six Path's ninja tools showed up, and their power was said to be the stuff of legend.

In fact, lore stated that anyone who wields all five of the weapons has the power to surpass all of the Kage. Clearly, that is a bold statement as the Kage are all crazy powerful, but the ninja tools are just that strong. Tenten was able to wield one of them during the war... but that was about it.

By the time Boruto comes into play, Tenten is still a master with ninja tools, and she has collected three of the five sacred weapons. She is only two short from becoming even more powerful than Naruto, but there is one hole in this theory. While Tenten could wield one of the weapons during the war, it is said using all five takes an inhuman amount of chakra. The Gold and Silver Brothers who wielded the tools at one point could only use them after absorbing chakra from the Nine-Tails, and Tenten has no such boost on her side.


Still, the debut of these tools provided such a good opportunity for Tenten that never got explored. The same can be said for other heroines like Sakura and Ino when it came to training. But if fans are lucky, these characters will get a comeuppance in Boruto at some point.

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