Naruto Writer Teases Boruto's Big New Episode

Boruto Naruto Next Generations is preparing to take a well-deserved hiatus. Just shy of hitting the three-hundred-episode mark, the first half of the anime adaptation will come to an end via the conclusion of the battle featuring Boruto Uzumaki, Kawaki, and the nefarious Code. Now, a writer for the anime adaptation that has continued the story of the Hidden Leaf Village has once again dropped some comments when it comes to the final episode landing later this month which will see Boruto and Team 7 being presented with a rough road.

Before the Code Arc, the Boruto Naruto Next Generations series adapted the tale of Sasuke Retsuden. The storyline, which took place prior to the events of the current series but following the events of Naruto Shippuden, gave anime viewers a better idea of how Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura were able to finally settle down and begin their intimate relationship. While not taking place in the official manga series, the spin-off is now considered canon and adds some nice story beats to the series from these "lost years". Over the course of the first part of the anime, many episodes were considered "filler", aka original content not seen in the manga, so it should be interesting to see if the next part will stick closer to the manga.

Boruto Hype

Masaya Honda is one of the writers responsible for bringing Konoha to life on a previous weekly basis and has taken to social media in order to hype the finale of the Boruto Naruto Next Generations' anime. Here's what the creator had to say when it comes to the final installment arriving later this month, "Boruto has had several special episodes in the past, and episode 292, which will air on the 19th, will definitely be one of them. Please keep your eyes on it until the very last moment. #BORUTO"

Luckily, fans of the Ninja World still have new chapters of the manga to look forward to as the fight against the Kara Organization continues. With the arrival of the next chapter hinting at a major change for the future of Konoha, it might be some time before we see said events arrive in the anime adaptation. Once Boruto's first part comes to an end, Studio PIerrot has confirmed that four new episodes of the original Naruto anime will be released this September. While a part 2 for Boruto Naruto Next Generations has been confirmed, the production studio has yet to confirm when anime fans can expect to see it. 

Via Masaya Honda Twitter