Naruto: What We Know About Boruto Part 2

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is bringing its anime adaptation to an end. Fear not anime fans, as this isn't the end for the Hidden Leaf Village by any stretch of the imagination. Studio Pierrot has already announced that there will be a part 2 for this sequel series and now seems like a perfectly good time to dive into the future plans of the anime. Not only is Boruto set to return, but the animation studio will also be taking fans back to Konoha's past with the anime's future. 

Naruto and Sasuke will be returning much sooner than Boruto and the current iteration of Team 7, with Pierrot confirming that four new episodes of the original Naruto series will be arriving later this year. With Boruto: Naruto Next Generations taking the opportunity in its "first part" to send Boruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha back to the past, these new adventures in the ninja world's earlier days have many shonen fans excited. While the story for these upcoming episodes has yet to be revealed, Pierrot using their current animation style on the early days of Naruto Uzumaki might give the series a breath of fresh air. The episodes themselves have been confirmed to begin this September, so fans will be waiting a few months to return to Konoha on the small screen.

(Photo: Pierrot)

What Lies In Store For Boruto?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is confirmed for a second part according to Studio Pierrot as mentioned earlier, though the production house has yet to reveal when we can expect the return of the latest generation of ninjas. Episode 293, which arrives later this month, will be the final entry in "Part One" of the series and if it follows the manga to the letter, might present the conclusion of the current battle against Code to an end. While Naruto saw a time skip take place when it came to transitioning from the first series to Naruto: Shippuden, the same might not be the case for Boruto, especially if it continues marching in step with the manga's story as we have yet to see years pass in following Team 7. 

No official statement has been given as to why Boruto is going on hiatus, though the fact that Pierrot is also working on Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc might be a hint as to why the animators need more time. If you want to play catch-up on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, it is currently available to stream on both Crunchyroll and Hulu. Luckily, for those who might miss the Hidden Leaf Village, the manga continues to release new chapters on a monthly basis and the battle against the Kara Organization has changed astronomically.