Naruto Writer Breaks Silence on Boruto's First Finale

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is preparing to bring its "first chapter" to a close later this month. Ending the Code Arc and giving Studio Pierrot a much-needed breather, a return date has yet to be announced for the sequel series that sprang from the mind of creator Masashi Kishimoto. In promoting the final episodes of Boruto's preliminary adventures, a writer on the anime adaptation has shared some words on the grand finale and what fans can look forward to as the battle against the Kara Organization hits a pivotal stride.

Boruto anime fans shouldn't fret when it comes to potentially never seeing the franchise hit the small screen again, as it has already been confirmed that the original Naruto anime will return this September with new episodes and a "Part 2" for the current series is in the works. Most likely, the original Naruto's return means we'll potentially see a further exploration of the Sasuke Naruto relationship, though we also would imagine that this will be original material for the anime adaptation since the manga series was "picked clean". The Naruto characters populating Konoha have long since said goodbye to their younger days, so this return of the first series is sure to make some fans happy by exploring the past of the Hidden Leaf Village with modern animation.

Boruto Writer's Comments on The Finale

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' writer Masaya Honda, who also wrote for series including Karas: The Prophecy, Ikki Tousen, and Monster Strike, shared his thoughts on the upcoming finale. Honda in these new comments also takes the opportunity to hype the return to the original series while stressing that the remainder of the Boruto episodes will be "hot". With the fight against Code continuing as Boruto and Kawaki team up against the Kara leader, the last installments might give Shonen fans a lot to think about as per Honda's comments:

"The day has finally arrived when we can announce that there are only three episodes left in the first part of Boruto. They are all hot episodes with sparks flying. Part 2, and a completely new Naruto anime, is in the works, so stay tuned!"

Shonen fans were able to see a trip to the past during Boruto: Naruto Next Generations during the "time travel arc" which saw Boruto and Sasuke being transported back in time to fight against the Otsusuki. With the pair of future denizens coming into contact with younger versions of their family and friends while encountering those who have passed on like Jiraiya, the return of the original anime will be a welcome event for the anime adaptation. The Seventh Hokage has come a long way since being the pariah of Konoha. 

Via Honda Masaya's Twitter Account