Pokemon Announces All-New Manga Series

Pokemon reigns supreme as one of the most popular franchises of all time. Thanks to its worldwide domination, Pokemon has amassed millions if not billions of fans around the world. This year, those fans came out in droves to support Pokemon's new releases, but their job is far from over. After all, the franchise has more to release before 2019 wraps, and one venture will ask fans to read up on Ash's adventures.

Recently, fans learned the original Pokemon manga would come to an end, and the news shocked plenty. Pocket Monsters has been around for more than 20 years, and it has followed its heroes through some intense journeys. Now, the series is over, but it will not leave Pokemon lacking. It turns out the franchise is kickstarting a new manga, and it will be based on the anime's upcoming season.

According to a recent ad in Japan, Pokemon: The Series will prompt a special manga when it debuts in November. The advert, which can be seen below, shows Ash in his usual clothes while Pikachu celebrates before him. Gou can also be seen in the shot along with his Pokemon partner Scorbunny.

So far, there are few details out about the manga other than its existence. No official release date has been given for its publication, but fans do expect it to come out shortly. After all, the series' new anime is set to debut on November 17. If all goes well, Pokemon will have a manga back up and running before December, so here's to hoping Ash can make it all work out.

For those curious about Pocket Monsters' status, well - the series finally came to an end today. Last weekend, fans were informed the manga would be ending after 23 years when Monthly Coro Coro confirmed October 15th would be its last release date. The series originally debuted in 1996 and was based loosely off the Pokemon franchise. Following Red and his partner Clefairy, Pocket Monsters gained notoriety for several controversial scenes and its overall darker portrayal of the Pokemon universe.


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