This Olympic Figure Skater Once Did An Entire 'Sailor Moon' Routine

You may not have realized, but the 2018 Winter Games are almost over. The event will wrap in South Korea in a matter of days, but there are still athletes left to compete. The women's figure skating program has yet to crown its winners, but anime fans have a clear favorite.

After all, Russian world-champion Evgenia Medvedeva is one of them. Just ask her about Sailor Moon, and you will see the girl light up.

Yes, Medvedeva is a proud anime fan, but she doesn't just support the medium with her words. The skater has also used her Olympic-level skills to plug her magical girl interests by dong a routine while cosplaying as Sailor Moon. If Usagi Tsukino could have seen the performance, she would have cried.

As you can see above, Medvedeva performed a Sailor Moon-inspired routine in Japan at the 2017 ISU World Team Trophy event. The routine is set to "Moonlight Densetsu," the original Japanese theme of the anime. Medvedeva hits the ice dressed as Usagi and pretends to nap on the ice, but it doesn't take her long to transform into the one named Sailor Moon.

The video shows Medvedeva singing along to the theme song as the audience claps along. Dressed in full cosplay, the Russian figure skater nails most of her jumps as she performs some heart-stopping moves. Fans agree the video ends all too soon when Medvedeva comes to the rink's center and strikes Sailor Moon's signature pose. She even delivers the heroine's iconic catchphrase in Japanese, so it is no wonder the Tokyo audience fell for the charming routine.


The routine nabbed the girl first place, and fans are hoping Medvedeva will have that kind of performance at the 2018 Winter Games. The figure skater may not hit the ice as Sailor Moon, but she is certainly a magical girl at heart. So, here is to hoping the anime-loving Olympian gets to take home gold this year.

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