New One Piece Titles Set Up a Heartbreaking Death

One Piece just wrapped up one of its best anime arcs to date, and it seems yet another big story is on the way. With the Wano saga on an interlude, the show has been focusing its eye on Kozuki Oden during his prime, and it seems his story is about to be cut short.

Recently, a slew of episode titles went live for One Piece, and they were telling to say the least. It seems the show is about to continue its focus on Oden to the very end, so if you want to know how the next four episodes will go down, you can see down below.

So, please! Be aware! There are major spoilers below for One Piece episodes 970 - 973 below.

According to translations, One Piece will come back with episode 970 titled "Sad News, The Dawn of The Great Pirate Era!". The following episode will be titled "Raid! Oden and The Akazaya Nine" ahead of episode 972, "Settling the Score! Oden VS Kaido!". And for the last tease, episode 973 is the most telling of all with the title "Penalty in a Boiling Kettle, The Hour of Oden's Death."


Clearly, One Piece is about to take Oden on his final journey, and his downfall will be hard to watch. The show has painted the Wano leader to be a joyful man with a passion to match that of Luffy. His death isn't shocking by any means, but it will hurt nonetheless to watch it. So if we were you, we'd be watching these next few episodes with tissues in hand.

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