One Piece Sets Up an Important Battle for Zoro in New Syonpsis

The Wano Arc rages in both the anime and the manga installments of One Piece, and while the television series has some catching up to do in terms of the current story line taking place in Eiichiro Oda's printed edition, a new promo shows off that a very important battle is on the way for the Straw Hat Pirates' resident swordsman in Roronoa Zoro. With Zoro being touted as one of the biggest players in the Wano Arc, it seems as if his "destiny" is going to take some elbow grease for him to achieve as he fights his way through the isolated nation!

Zoro was the last member of the Straw Hat Pirates to reunite with his fellow swashbucklers of the Thousand Sunny following One Piece's Time Skip that saw Luffy and his crew disband in order to train and gain more power in anticipation of the giant battles that were facing them down. With Kaido and Orochi currently holding an iron fist over the people of Wano, Luffy and company are attempting to achieve the dreams of the deceased Kozuki Oden, the wandering samurai of Wano who wanted to open the country's doors to the world. As Zoro is looking to gain the legendary sword of Wano, it's clear that Roronoa's role is a significant one!

Twitter User NoxDraz shared the upcoming One Piece anime episode summaries, showing that Zoro is going to have to do battle with the giant swordsman known as Gyukimaru in order to obtain Shusui, the legendary sword of Wano that might have the power to cleave the Beast Pirate Captain Kaido in half:

The War For Wano is currently underway in the manga for One Piece, with nearly every swashbuckler that has been involved in the arc so far participating in this giant battle royale. With the vassals of Oden squaring off against Kaido, it is yet to be seen whether or not Zoro will ultimately be the one to defeat the captain of the Beast Pirates.

Are you hyped for this big battle that Zoro will undertake in order to gain one of the legendary swords of Wano? Do you think he'll be the one to deliver the killing blow to Kaido? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Grand Line!