One Piece Episode Titles Set Up a Major Straw Hat Comeback

One Piece is setting forth with its new take on Wano, and that means war is on the horizon. It [...]

One Piece is setting forth with its new take on Wano, and that means war is on the horizon. It wasn't long ago that Kozuki Oden was in the show taking fans through an emotional flashback, but his time has ended. Now, it is time for Luffy to get back into the thick of it, and several new episode titles have let fans know what's in store.

The whole thing came to light when One Piece put out the names of its new few episodes. The names of episodes 978 through 981 went live, and they are packed with good teases. And most importantly, a major comeback is slated to happen by the end of this run!

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According to YonkouProd over on Twitter, the title of One Piece episode 978 is "The Worst Generation Charges In! The Battle of the Stormy Sea" so things are about to pop up. A full-on war is about to rise out of Wano, and it will decide the country's future. Kaido and Orochi have their own devilish plans for the isolated nation, but Momo's army will stop at nothing to defeat the duo.

As for episode 979, it is titled "Strong Luck?! Leader Kin'emon Total Plan" before the follow leads with the title "Promise of Tears! The Kidnapped Momonosuke". Finally, episode 981 will be titled "A New Companion! Knight of the Sea, Jinbei!". These updates will focus on niche elements of the war as it comes through, and it will end with an awaited return. After all, Jinbei's status has been murky up until now, so his comeback is nice to hear.

After all, the last One Piece fans saw of him was during the Whole Cake Island saga. Jinbei and his former crew decided to stay behind and fight Big Mom's army while the Straw Hats escaped. Luffy commanded his new crew member to survive the attack, but Big Mom's arrival to Wano left his status up in the air. Now, it seems Jinbei is ready to make his Wano debut, and he will be invaluable amidst this mid-sea skirmish.

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