One Piece Reveals the Identity of Wano's Big Traitor

One Piece revealed the identity of the traitor hiding in Wano with the newest episode of the [...]

One Piece revealed the identity of the traitor hiding in Wano with the newest episode of the series! Now that the anime had officially wrapped the final moments of the Oden Flashback arc with the previous episode, the newest episode of the series has brought the anime back to the present day in the war for Wano Country. One of the more interesting details leading into this return to the present day was how Orochi had bombed the ports and bridges after getting fed the information from a traitor hiding amongst the Akazaya Nine.

Although Kin'emon had refused to believe such a thing, the newest episode of the series had forced him to confront the fact that someone in his group had betrayed them. Someone had not only given Orochi information about Oden and their attack on Kaido 20 years ago, but they continue to be a thorn in their side ruining their current plans. Unfortunately, this is revealed to indeed be the case as the traitor fully revealed themselves.

One Piece Kinemon Shocked Anime Spoilers
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Warning! Major spoilers for One Piece Episode 977 to follow!

Episode 977 of the series picks up with the Akazaya Nine looking out to the sea and has them believe that all of their allies had been destroyed. With no other option, they set out to sea in a small boat and are soon met by the Beasts Pirates. It's here that the Akazaya Nine starts to face the truth that one of them is actually a traitor, and soon Kanjuro reveals that he has been the betrayer all along.

Confirming what Orochi said in the previous episode, Kanjuro revealed that his real name is Kanjuro Kurozumi. As a member of Orochi's extended family, he was setting out to play a role of one of Oden's retainers and was ready to die but also reveals that Orochi had ended the mission. Now allowed to reveal himself fully, Kanjuro explains to them that he had been giving Orochi information all this time.

Taking his lies to the next level, Kanjuro also reveals that he's been faking his lack of art skills as he used his Devil Fruit ability to copy himself and revealed that he didn't set out to sea with the others. Capturing Momonosuke, Kanjuro's new mission is to take the Kozuki heir straight to Orochi. This reveal obviously breaks the Akazaya Nine's hearts, and we'll see how that plays into the coming battle.

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