One Piece Fan Shares Robin's Best Disguise in This Cool Cosplay

One awesome One Piece cosplay is tapping into one of Nico Robin's best and coolest makeovers! The Wano Country arc of the franchise is now making its way through the final moments of its climax overall with each new chapter of the series, and it's beginning to hone in on Nico Robin as one of the most important characters of the series overall. While that is still very much a mystery, it's also no mystery as to why she's such a fan favorite outside of the series as well as she's had many different looks and moments over the series' history.

This all kicked off once Luffy and the others made their way into Onigashima, and needed to sneak through the island at first before the Akazaya Nine made their move against Kaido and started the war officially. It was here that Kin'emon used his Devil Fruit ability to disguise the Straw Hats and the rebel forces in darker Beasts Pirates disguises. This led to a lot of fun and cool looks for each of the pirates, and now artist @theholysix has brought Robin's own Beasts Pirates makeover to life with some perfect cosplay on Instagram! Check it out below: 

Robin has had some very important and pivotal moments over the course of One Piece so far, and it's likely that she has an even bigger role to play in the franchise's future. Although she had taken a back seat along with some of the other crew members during the duration of the Whole Cake Island arc, her time during the war on Onigashima has revealed some very interesting teases for the future of the series. So she serves an important role in not only expanding the lore, but potentially bringing it all to fruition in the present day. This is, of course, on top of the battles she's in. 

It just goes to show that although she has rarer appearances in the Wano Country arc compared to the other Straw Hats actually causing a commotion, she's very much an important member of the crew. She's accomplishing her own very important missions that will seemingly come in handy later, and it seems like she's going to be one of the most pivotal characters in the entire series if all those teases in the manga and anime play out. 

What do you think? Where does Nico Robin's Beasts Pirates makeover rank among your favorite Robin looks? Where does she rank among your favorite members of the Straw Hat crew? What do you want to see from Robin next? Let us know all of your thoughts on One Piece and everything anime in the comments!