One Piece Creator Set Up Momo's New Form 17 Years Ago

The Wano Arc in the pages of One Piece's manga recently saw the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and the captain of the Beast Pirates, Kaido, take place, setting off a series of events that saw the Straw Hat Captain running back into the son of Kozuki Oden, Momonosuke. With the offspring of Oden having the ability to transform into a dragon himself thanks to being on the receiving end of an artificial devil fruit spawned directly from Kaido himself, it seems as though creator Eiichiro Oda has had Momo's final form inside of his head for quite some time.

Momonosuke is quite the tragic character in the history of One Piece, with his father dying at the hands of Kaido and the pint-sized Shogun known as Orochi when he attempted to free the people of Wano and its borders. In an effort to save Momo, his mother used her own Devil Fruit power in order to fling him into the future, with him appearing in the present and attempting to achieve the goals of his father. While he isn't anywhere near the strength level of his father Oden, who was able to deliver a near-fatal blow to Kaido, the latest chapter of One Piece might be hinting that Momonosuke will follow in his father's footsteps.

Twitter User Haeldian shared this sketch by Eiichiro Oda from over seven hundred chapters ago, apparently giving us our first look at the final form of Momonosuke, long before he made his debut in the pages of One Piece and helped to introduce the colorful cast of characters that make up Wano Country:

The War for Wano Arc is taking place in both the anime and manga of One Piece currently, with the giant battle between the Wano resistance fighters and the forces of the Beast Pirates tearing apart the isolated nation. With Luffy getting ready for his rematch with Kaido, it will be interesting to see what role Momonosuke ultimately plays as the war continues to march toward its grand finale.


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