This 'One Piece' Fan-Art Shares Its Perfect Ending

One Piece has been around for twenty years, but the series has no end in sight. Eiichiro Oda last told fans the manga is only 60% done, but readers still like to theorize about how the story will end. Now, a piece of fan-art predicting the finale has gone out, and it has manga lovers sobbing.

Over on Reddit, user /ABDNext shared a piece of stunning artwork they did for One Piece. The piece, which can be seen below, shows a would-be scene which ABDNext thinks could happen. The black-and-white drawing shows an older version of Luffy bending over Shanks. The captain of the Straw Hat crew is bloodied and shirtless, but there is smile on his face despite having lost an arm.

As for Shanks, the pirate is seen lying on his back with his coat torn to shreds. The character is seen laughing, but the remainder of his previously severed arm is bleeding. Luffy is shown putting his beloved straw hat on top of Shanks' torso, and the hero has something to tell his mentor.

one piece fan art
(Photo: ABDNEXT)

“I’ve become the greatest pirate of them all,” Luffy says.

You can take a minute to wipe your tears. That’s fine.

For fans, the poignant One Piece sketch isn’t one they find to be impossible. After all, Luffy’s determination to become the Pirate King was lit by Shanks years ago. When the older man questioned if Luffy could become a pirate, the kid gave an impassioned speech telling Shanks he would become the strongest.

“I will! I’ll gather my own crew that’ll beat yours and find the world’s greatest treasure! No matter what, I will become the Pirate King,” Luffy said.

“Oh, you’re going to beat us? Then I’ll let you take care of this hat,” Shanks answered as he gave his prized hat to Luffy. “It’s very important to me. Take good care of it.”

When Shanks and his crew sailed away from Luffy, the pirate thought to himself about his challenge. “Someday, return it to me as a great pirate. That’s a promise, Luffy.”


Oda has told fans he already knows how One Piece will end, and the creator could very well wrap the story by bringing it full circle. Luffy will return his prized possession to Shanks once he has fulfilled his promise, and readers would have no choice but to sob at the touching finale.

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