One Piece Shares Preview for Episode 1004: Watch

One Piece has dropped the preview for the next episode of the anime! As the 1000th episode milestone gets further away in the rearview mirror, the series is now moving all full steam as the full war on Onigashima has kicked off in full. Each episode of the war thus far has been a chaotic one as Luffy is trying to make his way to the roof of the Skull Dome in order to help the Akazaya Nine. But he's had a lot of trouble doing so thanks to how many enemies are running around in the area. 

The previous episode of the series revisited the fight on the top of the Skull Dome and revealed that it's just as messy of a situation between the Akazaya Nine, the Minks, and Kaido's Beasts Pirates forces as it is on the inside of the dome. But it also set the stage for the full fight between them and Kaido as they are steadily making their way back in front of the Emperor. Now with the preview for the next episode, it seems that the fight between Kaido and the Akazaya Nine will be ringing out in full. Check out the preview below as shared by Toei Animation: 

One Piece Episode 1004 is titled "An Inherited Technique! Unleashing Oden's Secret Swordplay!" and just as teased by the title, the preview for the episode teases that Kin'emon and the others will finally be fulfilling their oath to Oden by unleashing their full strikes on the Emperor. While they were the first ones to make their move on Kaido and officially kicked off the war with their strike (which even had Kaido so nervous that he started flashing back to when Oden had damaged him long ago), things have stalled once Kaido changed into his full dragon form. 

They had been waiting for their moment for over 20 years, and it seems they had been holding back one of Oden's special techniques just for this occasion. Now fans will see just how these samurai stack up to one of the strongest fighters in the series overall, and we'll see whether or not Luffy can make his way up there in time to help them before it's too late. But what do you think? What are you hoping to see in One Piece's next episode? How are you liking the fights on Onigashima so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!