One Piece: Everything We Know About Gear Five (So Far)

One Piece is in the headlines in a big way right now, and we have Luffy to thank for the hype. The manga took over social media when its last chapter welcomed the hero's new form, and the excitement isn't going anywhere. After all, Gear Fifth is going to continue the hype train once chapter 1045 hits shelves, and fans are desperate to know everything there is to the power boost. So of course, ComicBook has looked into it for you.

For one, we know the power boost came after Luffy was defeated during his battle with Kaido. The pirate was on his last legs when Kaido went to attack, and CP0 assured the Beasts Pirates leader would win by interfering with Luffy. At the time, it seemed like Luffy was killed in the fight, but his Devil Fruit awoke at the last minute with a second wind.

According to the World Government, the Gomu Gomu no Mi is the name history remembers Luffy's fruit by, but its true name is Hito Hito no Mi: Nika. It is a Mythical Zoan fruit, and it is said to have a mind of its own. The fruit has evaded the World Government for centuries, and no one has awoken it in 800 years. That all changed when Luffy tapped into its true power, and the fruit gifts some wild strength.

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The Hito Hito no Mi is said to grant unlimited power that is only restricted by its user's imagination. For Luffy, his body still maintains its rubbery nature and enhanced strength, but he can now lend that property to things as well. Gear Fifth also gives Luffy a very cartoonish design, and it can tap into other Gear techniques. For example, Luffy uses limb inflation during his battle with Kaido after awakening his fruit, and his rhythmical heartbeat keeps his spirits high while fighting.

And as for his physical appearance, Gear Fifth doesn't do much to his lean physique. However, Luffy is given fiery hair and wide golden eyes. His clothes are also lined with smoke when he enters the state. Luffy also acts more childishly than usual when in Gear Fifth, and the manga goes on to suggest the pirate fully embodies freedom while he uses the power.

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