One Piece: German Soccer Star Channels Law During Recent Match

One Piece has earned its place as one of the biggest shonen series of all time more than once. First debuting in 1997, the Eiichiro Oda-created manga has followed Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats for over two decades, bringing them into contact with allies and enemies alike. One of their greatest allies has been Trafalgar Law, the captain of the Heart Pirates and one of the strongest pirates in the "Worst Generation" and one major soccer player has shown off his love for the swashbuckler.

Like many other pirates in the Grand Line, Law has Devil Fruit powers at his disposal after ingesting an edible known as the Ope Ope no Mi. Having the ability to create a "room" in which he can manipulate people and objects that are inside, the power at Trafalgar's disposal has coined him the nickname, "The surgeon of death". While Law didn't have a huge role to play in the latest movie, One Piece Red, his role in the One Piece anime and One Piece manga remains a major factor in the Straw Hats' current quest. While the War For Wano continues in the television series, the printed story has Law not currently fighting alongside Luffy and company. 

One Piece Soccer Crossover

The Straw Hat Pirates aren't strangers to the world of soccer, as they were featured playing the game as a part of their third movie. The short titled "Dream Soccer King" put their football skills to the test though fans in North America haven't had the opportunity to witness it. Now, a German football player named Julain Brandt took to Instagram to re-imagine himself as Trafalgar Law on the soccer field, showing his love for Eiichiro Oda's creation.

law animation that german football player julian brandt posted on his instagram, hes a huge one piece fan from OnePiece

Law has had quite the challenge in the anime adaptation during the War For Wano Arc in his fight against Big Mom, the ruler of Cake Island and ally to Kaido. Despite Tragalgar's amazing abilities, Big Mom's power surpasses his, but luckily, he's getting a little help from a friend. The Heart Pirate captain is fighting against the Beast Pirate ally with Kid, and while they might be one of the ultimate tag teams of the shonen series, victory is far from assured.

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