One Piece Cosplay Gives Zoro Battle Scars

Roronoa Zoro is one of the most recognizable Straw Hat Pirates in the history of One Piece. With the green-haired swordsman remaining one of the earliest swashbucklers to join Luffy in his quest to become the king of the pirates, it should come as no surprise that he remains a popular character that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The War For Wano has given Zoro some amazing developments, so it should come as no surprise that cosplayers continue to bring the Straw Hat to life.

Zoro has long held the dream of becoming the greatest swordsman that the Grand Line has ever seen, with him recently managing to show off his stuff on the big screen thanks to One Piece Red. While not the key character in the return of Shanks and the introduction of Shanks' daughter Uta, he sported a new look in the fifteenth film of the franchise. In the One Piece manga, Roronoa is continuing to follow alongside Luffy and company as they have recently encountered Dr. Vegapunk and learned far more about the Devil Fruit in the process. With the One Piece anime continuing to focus on the War For Wano Arc, Zoro is lending a hand to his fellow Straw Hats against Kaido and his Beast Pirates.

Zoro, The Ultimate Swordsman

The Wano Arc didn't just reunite Zoro with the other Straw Hats following the band of swashbucklers disbanding in an attempt to train for the journey ahead of them, it also gave Roronoa a serious glow-up. Aside from learning new techniques in the isolated nation, the Straw Hat swordsman would also gain some new swords that were pivotal to Wano's culture. As the manga continues the final saga of the shonen series, many fans are crossing their fingers that Zoro will become the greatest swordsman in anime history.

Zoro is set to be brought to life with this year's live-action One Piece series, played by the versatile actor known as Mackenyu. This is far from the first time that the actor has taken on an anime role, having played Scar in the live-action Full Metal Alchemist movies and the star of the upcoming Knights of the Zodiac which is releasing later this year. As is the case with the other young actors playing the Straw Hat Pirates, Mackenyu has shared videos of his training on Instagram, showing his commitment to nailing the role of Roronoa Zoro