One Piece Reveals the Tie Between the Seraphim and Kaido's Crew

The Straw Hat Pirates are traveling the Grand Line with a major guest in One Piece's final saga, as Dr. Vegapunk has hitched a ride on the Thousand Sunny as the military attempts to take down the scientist with a specialty for Devil Fruit. As more revelations are set to be revealed in these latest installments from Eiichiro Oda, the Straw Hat Pirates have learned a big fact when it comes to the Seraphim and their relationship with Kaido. This of course is a fact that Zoro forgot and readers were made aware of in a hilarious turn.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of One Piece's manga, Chapter 1077, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory. In the War For Wano Arc which takes place in both the One Piece anime and One Piece manga, we had the opportunity to see Roronoa Zoro test his swordsmanship skills against King, one of Kaido's most powerful lieutenants who make up the Beast Pirates. While the Straw Hats weren't privy to this information, the storyline revealed that King himself was a Seraphim and was saved by Kaido himself in the past from the experiments that were being performed on him thanks to his birthright.

Straw Hats V. Seraphim

As the Straw Hats engage in a new battle, side-by-side with Rob Lucci of all people, Zoro come to the realization that King himself was a Seraphim. This piece of info isn't well received amongst his allies as Roronoa lays out the details, "That reminds me, they seem kinda similar to King, the guy I fought in Wano. Sorry! I just wasted a bunch of our stamina. I should have noticed sooner. King's notable features are white hair, brown skin, black wings, flames on his back..."

Chapter 1077 sees each of the Straw Hats have their own moments to shine, though things aren't all great when it comes to the current journey. In the final moments of the latest installment, Vegapunk's ally Shaka is shot through the head, seemingly hinting at a new threat approaching who might just hit a little too close to home. A traitor is among Vegapunk's crew and One Piece's manga might be preparing to reveal their identity. 

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