One Piece Cosplay Unleashes Luffy's Gear Fifth

One Piece has seen Monkey D. Luffy attain quite a few transformations as he has become stronger while also learning more about how his runner Devil Fruit powers work. In the War For Wano, Luffy will achieve the form known as Gear Fifth. With the Beast Pirate Captain Kaido coming close to killing the Straw Hat Pirate Captain on more than a few occasions, Monkey will need this new form in hopes of freeing the isolated nation. Now, one cosplayer has brought to life the Gear Fifth form, which has yet to hit the television series.

While the One Piece anime might have a few episodes left before we see Luffy's Gear Fifth in action, the Straw Hat Captain hasn't been shy about using the form in the One Piece manga. As the final saga for the Straw Hats continues to throw several curveballs at our favorite anime swashbucklers, Luffy has used Gear Fifth in fighting against Rob Lucci in the long-awaited rematch. While the tiger man was able to improve since last we saw him, Luffy's new transformation grants him the power of a living cartoon that makes the Straw Hat able to easily dodge any attacks and secure victory here. As the Straw Hats continue their journey, Gear Fifth is sure to make more appearances down the road.

One Piece's Fifth Gear

Luffy's Gear Fifth looks unlike anything that we've seen before from the captain of the Straw Hats. Giving him white hair, a far more cartoonish visage, and a serious upgrade in power, it's hard to imagine what pirates could stand against him at this point. Needless to say, creator Eiichiro Oda hasn't had problems giving Luffy worthy opponents in the past and the same is more than likely for the series' future.

Anime viewers did have the opportunity to see the latest transformation, albeit briefly, in the latest One Piece movie, One Piece Red, in which Luffy unveiled the form while fighting alongside Shanks, though the two weren't in direct proximity. Only appearing for a few moments, we have yet to truly see the full extent of Luffy's cartoon form in motion though if Toei Animation follows the manga, it will be quite the feat to pull off the Straw Hat Captain's movements. With the end approaching, Luffy most likely won't see any additional transformations but Gear Fifth might just be all he needs.