One Piece Finally Reveals King's Face and Backstory

One Piece has finally revealed what King's face looks like under his mask and even dove into his history with the newest chapter of the series! As the fight against Kaido and Big Mom's forces reaches its climax with the latest string of chapters, the final two Lead Performers are now facing off against Sanji and Zoro. As we had previously seen in the fight with King, Zoro had been struggling to deal any real damage to the Lead Performer as he continued to wave off any attacks Zoro made with ease. But his history actually explains this a little bit.

It was teased that King was part of an ancient and powerful race, and that granted him the amount of strength he had in the fight against Zoro. As Zoro continues to kick it up a notch and further use his Conqueror's Haki to better handle Oden's old sword, Enma, he's dealing enough damage to tear apart King's suit. With this damage, King finally reveals his face in full and with it, fans get a little peek into what kind of history made the Lead Performer who he is today. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1035 of the series revisits the fight between Zoro and King, and Zoro has figured out that when King doesn't have his flames on his back his defensive power lowers but he gains more speed as a result. One attack does enough damage, it cuts right through King's mask and thus he tears it off and reveals his face in full. It's revealed that he kept his identity a secret because his black wings, white hair, and brown skin are clues to a race that the government would pay 100 million berries for any clues to find. 

A flashback to his past confirms the theories that he is a Lunarian. When Kaido first discovered him, King was being experimented on by the government and thus recruited by Kaido. King's real name is revealed to be Alber, and he decides to join Kaido's crew because he felt like this pirate could help to change the world. There's still lots we don't know about King, but at the same time, this look into his (and thus Kaido's) past helps to showcase a little of why King fights so hard for his captain in the first place. 

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