'One Piece' Live-Action Play Coming To Universal Studios

What could be better than watching One Piece from the comfort of your own home? How about watching the pirate series go down before your eyes at Universal Studios? This year, the best-selling series will make its way back to the park, and Japanese fans have lots to look forward to regarding its return.

Over on Twitter, the folks behind the official One Piece page informed fans a new live-action play will be heading to Universal Studios Japan soon. The newest One Piece Premiere Show will make its debut come July 6, and the special stage will bring back Monkey D. Luffy and his ragtag crew.

“Special! This summer! Universal Studios Japan is coming again,” the page’s message wrote. The message went on to confirm the new One Piece attraction will be this year’s Premiere Stage and that more information will be posted to the park’s website in the near future.

For fans of One Piece, the announcement is an exciting one, but it should not come as a big surprise. After all, Universal Studios Japan has held annual stage events for the series since 2007. The park’s One Piece Premiere Show is a yearly event for plenty of fans, and its grand scale includes everything from spot-on costumes to pyrotechnics and stunt work.

In 2007, the play series got its start by pitting the live-action Straw Hat crew against Buggy and Deacon at the Atolls. Since then, more than ten shows have been performed at Universal Studios Japan with its last taking place in 2017. The anniversary show was inspired by the ‘Summit War’ saga and featured Ace along with the Whitebeard Pirates as they worked with Luffy’s rew to fight against the BIG pirates


So far, there is no telling what story this new play will tell, but fans are ready to see what the summer show has to offer. For now, park goers can still get their anime fix if they head to Universal Studios Japan as its Cool Japan 2018 event is underway. Until June 24, the park will host special attractions and rides centered around anime titles like Sailor Moon, Detective Conan, and more.

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