'One Piece' Creator Shares Update On Its Live-Action Series

If you hadn’t heard already, One Piece is preparing to go on another big adventure. Last year, news broke that a live-action adaptation of the series had been licensed by Hollywood, but few details about the project have gone live since. Now, the creator of One Piece is opening up about the venture, and he wants fans to know he’s very excited about the project these days.

So, will this adaptation be the first solid live-action anime take by Hollywood? It will be if Eiichiro Oda has anything to say about it.

Recently, Viz Media shared a new interview it conducted with Oda, and the creator talked a lot about his work on One Piece. It was there the artist opened up about his series’ live-action plans and Oda updated fans on its progress after admitting he is looking forward to its production.

“I met with executive producer Marty Adelstein, and our thoughts on how to adapt the series and what we want to accomplish matched up very well,” Oda said. “We were totally on the same page about the most important thing, which was to respect the fans. So initially I was a bit anxious, but right now all I feel is excitement.”

Of course, Oda’s reassurance will help fans feel better about the direction One Piece is heading in. Hollywood has a less-than-stellar track record with anime, but it hopes to change that around with this live-action TV series. Oda is staying very involved with the series so it meets his expectations, and the creator admits he’s keeping fans at the front of his mind with this adaptation.


As of right now, there are few details about One Piece’s Hollywood venture, but fans do know how it will start. The adaptation will kick off with the ‘East Blue’ arc, the first story of the series. It follows Monkey D. Luffy’s introduction as he accrues his Straw Hat crew mates, so the hero will be younger in this arc than he is in the anime presently. If the show impresses, the ‘East Blue’ beginning will launch the One Piece series at its starting point and give it plenty of room to grow.

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