One Piece Reminds Fans Why You Should Never Mess with Robin

One Piece's newest chapter is a good reminder as to why you shouldn't mess with Nico Robin. The battle at Onigashima has reached a fever pitch as the Straw Hats are finding themselves wrapped up in their respective final battles for the arc, and one surprising reveal during it all has placed Nico Robin firmly in the eyes of both Big Mom and Kaido. Due to her knowledge and ability to decode the Poneglyphs, it seems like she has become a big prize for whoever ends up winning this massive battle at the end of the day as she'll get the winner closer to the role of Pirate King.

With Robin's importance now a big factor for the rest of the arc, Robin has now been lured to her major fight of the arc in the newest chapter of the series. But while Kaido's forces think they were able to draw Robin into their trap, Chapter 1005 of the series is a great example of why Robin should not be messed with when it comes to protecting the rest of her family in the Straw Hat Pirates.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1005 of the series revisits Sanji as he's in the grips of Black Maria's trap. Wanting him to call out for Nico Robin so she would end up in her spider web traps, Black Maria continued to pummel and torture Sanji until he cried out in pain. Black Maria's forces think Sanji will hold out until his death, but he surprises them (and fans) by calling out for Robin's help.

Although it makes him look ridiculous to the other pirates on Onigashima would can hear him yelling for Robin, it does the exact opposite for Robin as she immediately comes to his aid. Hitting Black Maria with a Gigantesco Mano Spank, Robin reveals that she was able to avoid all of the enemy's traps and still save Sanji in time. This has angered her, however, as she reminds us all about her times in shadowy organizations before joining the Straw Hats.

Teasing that she'll become like the demon she used to be, it's Robin (and Brook) standing off against Black Maria as the chapter comes to an end. This means we'll be getting the first full Nico Robin fight in quite some time, and that makes the next chapter all the more exciting. But what do you think?


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