One Piece Reveals Robin's Coldest Attack Yet

One Piece reveals Nico Robin's coldest attack in Wano yet with the newest chapter yet! The War on Onigashima continues with the newest chapter of the series and the Straw Hats have found themselves in the midst of some tough new battles as each of them have come across new opponents. One of the most intriguing fights of the arc thus far has been all of those wrapped up in Black Maria's web with Sanji, Brook, and Robin all dealing with the deadly Tobi Roppo member's tricks. This even took a new turn when Sanji actually called out for help from Robin.

Black Maria had been trying to use Sanji's call for help as a way to get under Robin's skin, but not only does Robin refuse to yield under this kind of pressure, but it's made her far more aggressive as he usual cool demeanor has begun to give in favor of Robin really getting serious. This is especially true with the newest chapter of the series as Robin shows off her coolest attack in the series yet with a full unleashing of her Devil Fruit power, Gigante Fleur.

One Piece Manga Nico Robin Gigante Fluer Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1020 of the series gives us an update on Robin and Brook's fight against Black Maria, and it's revealed that while she had tried to use illusions of Robin's past to get her to drop her guard, it's soon revealed that Robin nor Brook were not impacted by it at all. Nor is she hindered by Black Maria's taunts that Sanji had sold her out in favor of saving himself. She goads her by saying how big of a target she is for her knowledge and more, but this only fuels Robin further.

Robin knows that Sanji relying on her for help means something more than what Black Maria and the other Beasts Pirates can figure out, and she even defends Sanji by saying he's worthy of being the "wings of the king of pirates." It's here she unleashes her new ultimate movie, Gigante Fleur, and summons not only her giant arms like before, but a giant copy of herself as well that puts her on the same level of Black Maria.


Unfortunately, the chapter cuts away before we get to see how effective Robin's new super move will be but it's an exciting tease of what's to come from Robin's first real Wano conflict. What do you think of Gigante Fleur so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!