One Piece Finally Reveals How Zoro Originally Got His Swords

One Piece is still an undefeated champ when it comes to shonen series, and its manga proves as much each week. Eiichiro Oda has crafted a swash-buckling world filled with adventure, and Zoro has come into focus as of late to our delight. And now, one long-standing question about the swordsman has been answered at last.

The update came courtesy of One Piece's most recent chapter, so you can check out the piece through Viz Media. For those caught up, chapter 1033 debuted with Zoro in the lead, and fans watched his fight with King continue. As it did, some unseen moments from Zoro's past are shown, and fans get to see how the boy got his swords all those years ago.

After all, fans will remember that Zoro had no swords to his name as a kid. When he came to challenge Kuina at the dojo, he came armed with two impressive blades, but no one knew where they came from. Now, we know the two swords came from the village's old blacksmith, and the man happened to be a legend in Wano.

The blacksmith was none other than Shimotzuki Kozaburo, a renowned blacksmith from Wano who fled the country after Oden's death. Hidden under a new identity, the blacksmith settled in the East Blue and had a family as Kuina was his granddaughter. Zoro ended up forming an odd bond with Shimotsuki, and this has come into play at last. After all, the swordsman is using Enma which is said to be the greatest sword ever made by the old man. And now, Enma and Zoro must size one another up while King waits rather impatiently to the side. 

Given Zoro's tie to Shimotzuki, it seems the fighter is destined to wield Enma, but the cursed sword won't be domesticated so easily. Like a bronco, Zoro must break the sword in and find a way to complement its personality with his iconic fighting style. It is a good thing our hero thinks quick in battle or this push-and-pull might mean the death of him. But as we all know, Zoro won't go down until he's mastered Enma and taken out King for good. 

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