One Piece Cliffhanger Teases the Raid on Onigashima

One Piece is finally teasing the raid on Onigashima with the cliffhanger from the newest episode of the series! The anime has spent the last few months exploring the past of Oden Kozuki and his impact on Wano overall in an extended flashback arc, and the newest episode of the series officially put the final stamp on these past events. With the flashback being brought to an end, the episode also brought the anime back closer to the present day as it returns to a few days before Orochi bombed the ports around Wano.

With the newest episode of the series wrapping up the final moments of the Oden Flashback arc, the final moments of the episode get us primed for the future battle to come as Luffy and the rest of the rebel forces poise themselves to finally raid Orochi and Kaido's party on Onigashima and truly get the fight for Wano Country started in full. Check out the cliffhanger teasing this battle from Episode 976 of the series:

Episode 976 of the series revealed the final moments of the Oden Flashback arc by exploring the fallout of his death and the Akazaya Nine's escape from their execution. Revealing that after Oden died and Toki sent Momonosuke and a few of the members 20 years in the future, the anime then explored how the members left behind had to struggle and wait for those 20 years while holding out hope that Oden and Toki's plan would come to fruition someday.

The most exciting part of this cliffhanger outside of the return to the present day story, however, is seeing how Luffy and the others manage to somehow work their way past Orochi bombing all of the ports. When we had last seen the present day, the Akazaya Nine had been deterred from their raid plans by looking out into an empty sea because Orochi had apparently gotten information about this attack before hand (which was soon revealed to be due to a traitor hiding among them).


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