One Piece Reveals Oden's Epic Prediction for the Worst Generation

The one-thousandth chapter of One Piece has landed, with Luffy finally coming face to face with the Beast Pirate Captain of Kaido, and it seems as if one of the most important figures of the Wano Arc, Kozuki Oden, had some big predictions for the swashbucklers that make up the aptly named "Worst Generation". With Kaido's offspring, Yamato, laying out to Momonosuke what his father had written in his journal, it seems that Kozuki Oden was pretty much a fortune teller when it came to the events that would take place years following his death at the hands of Orochi!

Warning! If you have yet to read the monumental thousandth chapter of One Piece's manga, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

Before Oden's death, it seems as if his journal had documented for his offspring a number of predictions that he had for the future of his nation, with most of them being spot on. As Yamato explains, she was able to get a hold of Oden's journal and hands it off to his son, who was flung through time by his own mother thanks to the power of her Devil Fruit:

"Over 20 years in the future, powerful pirates leading the next generation will come swarming into the new world! If I am dead by then, they will be the ones to defeat Kaido!"

One Piece Oden Prediction Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

With this momentous chapter giving way to Luffy finally coming face to face with Kaido for their long-awaited re-match, it certainly seems as if Oden's prediction is looking to come true as Monkey unleashes a blow that is able to knock down the Beast Pirate Captain for the first time in the series! With Luffy joined by several of his friends in the Worst Generation, staring down both Kaido and Big Mom, it's clear that the biggest fight of their lives is about to begin.


The War for Wano has been one of the biggest, heart-pounding arcs of Eiichiro Oda's Shonen franchise to date, pitting the resistance of the isolated nation against the full force of the Beast Pirates, and regardless who wins, the world of the Grand Line will never be the same!

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