One-Punch Man Gives Puri-Puri Prisoner One Disturbing Power-Up

One-Punch Man's latest arc has been embroiled in a full-on war between the Hero and Monster Associations, and the latest chapter of the series continues the long streak of battles between the most powerful S-Class heroes and the Dragon level threat monsters. Puri-Puri Prisoner has quickly made himself stand out in the series for having such an odd personality and even odder fighting techniques, but the latest chapter of the series takes this one step further by giving him a pretty disturbing set of power-ups the more he fights powerful monsters to save his "boyfriends."

Chapter 103 of the series rejoins Puri-Puri Prisoner in his attempt to save his prison boyfriends, who all volunteered to turn themselves into monsters earlier in the series. But as he continues to fight for his very one-sided love, he unlocks the "Vibration Angel Descended" and the "Angel Bristly Armor." Which just translates to shaking his body really fast and sprouting body hair at will.

When attacked by a large group of monsters, they're all surprise as Prisoner continues to take hits and still manages to stand proudly. He's fighting for love, and the number of attacks on his body causes him to tremble. But rather than it being fear, it's revealed that this vibration has given him a huge boost of strength. This gives him a new fighting style, "Vibration Angel Descended," which helps him defeat a powerful new monster with ease.

But that's not all as the monster who originally transformed his prison boyfriends into monsters, Nyaan, appeared and easily slashed his body. But rather than be taken down by this surprising and powerful attack, his love for his boyfriends (who continue to tell him how wrong he is about everything, and that they don't like him) pushes his body to a new limit.


After taking a huge wave of attacks, he's left shirtless but undamaged. His body has sprouted hair all over, and Prisoner wonders if he's actually grown angel wings. Dubbing this body hair as "Angel Bristly Armor," he combines this defensive new power with his vibrating ability to swim through the walls around him and eventually catch up to Nyaan, who had run away after seeing how strong Prisoner was. But while the fight with Nyaan ended here, Prisoner's ability causes the ceiling to crumble and kill his monsterfied boyfriends. This only fueled his love inspired rampage even further, and now he's stronger...and odder than ever.

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