'Fairly OddParents' Creator Reveals Surprising 'One Punch Man' Mash-Up

You make think One Punch Man and The Fairly OddParents are a strange match, but you’d be wrong. [...]

You make think One Punch Man and The Fairly OddParents are a strange match, but you'd be wrong. Over on Twitter, Butch Hartman proved cartoon and anime fans wrong by sharing a rather surprising mash-up of the two series.

Taking to social media, the Nickelodeon artist posted a picture honoring One Punch Man in all his yellow glory. The drawing, which can be seen below, shows Saitama in his yellow uniform as his cape billows behind him. Complete with red boots and gloves, the hero looks plenty menacing thanks to his lowered brows.

However, it's hard to take the hero seriously when he looks like he just stepped out of The Fairly OddParents.

Hartman gave Saitama a full-on cartoon makeover that would make Timmy Turner jealous. Gone is the manga star's egg-shaped features and here to stay is his glossy aesthetic. Saitama may still be bald, but there is a certain sheen to the hero's head which fans just aren't used to.

Of course, fans of Hartman will not be surprised to see this cartoon and anime mash-up; The artist has proved time and again that he's a massive otaku. Earlier this year, Hartman teamed up with Crunchyroll to give The Fairly OddParents a full-on anime makeover. The artist did an anime-style imagining of Timmy Turner and his fairy godparent comrades taking on Mr. Crocker. The fight paid homage to classic series like Dragon Ball, and Hartman told fans he took on the crossover because he is a big fan of the anime industry.

When it comes to One Punch Man, it is hard to find a connection between Saitama and Timmy Turner. The live in totally opposite universes, but there is one thing that might relate the two to one another. If Timmy were faced with some mosquitoes, the boy would surely use Cosmo and Wanda to take the bugs out, and Saitama would use his deadly punches to rid himself of the pests. So, the pair at least has that in common.

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