One-Punch Man Illustrator Stuns with Fubuki and Tatsumaki Sketch

One-Punch Man continues to be one of the most popular action series not only because it's a hilarious webcomic that's still a huge hit with fans, but because it gets a whole new life breathed into it thanks to illustrator Yusuke Murata. Murata's one of the most prominent illustrators among fans thanks to his eye for character design and action layout, and fans have always been particularly drawn to the way he presents the heroines of the series. Murata has never been shy about showing love to his fan favorites, and this has been especially the case for Fubuki.

Some of Murata's work when sketching Fubuki and Tatsumaki has been fairly NSFW, and that's why fans have been drawn to this duo in particular, but it's clear that he really loves these two heroines in particular. In fact, Murata recently took to Twitter to surprise fans with one stunning sketch of the duo. Fubuki takes the center stage for the sketch overall, but Tatsumaki makes quite the fun cameo! Check it out:

This psychic duo has been taking more of the center stage as the manga release of the series continues through the Monster Association saga. Tatsumaki has been getting a ton of the shine as she finally displays the full range of her power against some super strong telekinetic enemies, but Murata always goes the extra mile to keep showing these heroines some major love.


Fubuki was a late addition to the franchise as she didn't quite get involved with the events of the series until after the Monster Association saga began in full, but in that short time she's quickly become a fan favorite. Tatsumaki made a big impression early on, but it's been a much different story for her sister. But now that these two are interacting more with one another, fans are excited to see where they will go next! Especially it it means getting to see more of them through Murata's specific vision.

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