One-Punch Man Announces March Hiatus

One-Punch Man fans are waiting on word regarding the third season of the anime adaptation. While the television series has confirmed it will return, no release date and/or studio has been confirmed when it comes to Saitama's return. Luckily, fans of the "hero for fun" have been following Saitama's story in the pages of the manga that is released regularly. Unfortunately, the epic superhero tale is set to see a hiatus in its imminent future.

The One-Punch Man manga has left the anime adaptation in the dust when it comes to progressing its story, as the fight against the Monster Association has already come to an end. With Saitama fighting his toughest battle to date thanks to Garou and the powers granted to the villain by an evil deity, One-Punch Man Season 3 will still have some big moments to cover even if it doesn't completely catch up to the manga. In the latest chapters of the printed story, the hero for fun is facing some new challenges in his life but is still unable to find an opponent that can defeat him in one-on-one combat. 

One-Punch Man Hiatus

The current artist for One-Punch Man's manga is Nebu_Kuro, aka Yusuke Murata, who revealed in a new status update that the next chapter is a few weeks away. Luckily, manga readers won't have to wait too long for the series to return, as the artist explains, "Thank you for waiting. For the next Tonajan version of One-Punch Man, I will be taking a break from work on the book. The next update is scheduled for April 20th. Thank you."

Aside from the anime adaptation's upcoming return at an unspecified date, there's another major project that is on the horizon for Saitama and company. Director Justin Lin of Fast & Furious fame was announced to be a part of the upcoming One-Punch Man live-action film from Sony Pictures. The movie was announced in 2020 though details have been few and far between since, with no word on which Hollywood actor would take on the role of Saitama. 

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