One-Punch Man Explains How Saitama Views Garou

One-Punch Man explained how Saitama really sees Garou with their first real confrontation in the newest chapter of the series! As ONE's original webcomic turned Yusuke Murata illustrated series continues exploring the climax of the fights between the Monster and Hero Associations, at the center of the Human Monster saga is the monster himself, Garou, who has been steadily growing in his new monster body and reaching all new levels of ferocity. As he declares that he will destroy the entire world as a new kind of ultimate evil, he finally came face to face with Saitama for real with the previous chapter.

While Garou has been easily beaten by Saitama many times throughout the series so far, the two of them have yet to have either a proper conversation or confrontation. The previous chapter of the series saw the two of them come face to face for the first real time in the series in this regard, and the newest chapter of the series takes it further as Saitama assesses the Human Monster for what he really is. Garou might be trying to become an ultimate evil taking on the rest of the world, but in Saitama's eyes he's not a monstrous threat at all. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 159 of One-Punch Man sees Garou celebrating the fact that he's one of the few last remaining standing after all the chaos with the monsters, but soon Saitama arrives on the scene and completely shatters this notion. Garou introduces himself to Saitama as a monster who is the ultimate evil, but Saitama questions it since he did see Garou saving a helicopter full of escaping civilians not long before. Garou says he's going to destroy both the Hero and Monster Associations anyway, but Saitama brushes it off. 

Noting that Garou doesn't seem like a monster to him, Saitama instead reveals the rage over the fact that his apartment's been completely destroyed all of this. He only approached Garou because he seemed like the Monster King (which Saitama had already beaten) and wants to vent his frustrations. It wasn't until Garou charges at him and Saitama knocks him away with one punch that Saitama realizes that he's faced off with Garou a few times before without really realizing it

So while Garou might see himself as a monster, Saitama can see right through that facade to the real fighter beneath. But at the same time, Garou now realizes how much of a fearsome presence Saitama really is. Now we'll see how this shakes out in future chapters, but what do you think? How did you feel about Saitama and Garou's first real conversation? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!