One-Punch Man Celebrates Unexpected Anniversary

It's been one year since One-Punch Man Season 3 was announced and we know surprisingly little.

In 2022, One-Punch Man's manga and webcomic continued to follow the journey of Saitama, the Hero For Fun, whose biggest obstacle is finding an opponent who won't be destroyed by one of his punches. Unfortunately, the series has yet to release new episodes of its anime adaptation following the end of the second season from JC Staff. It's been one year since One-Punch Man announced that a third season would arrive on the small screen and anime fans know surprisingly little about the project.

Shockingly enough, outside of the initial announcement that a third season would arrive in the future, One-Punch Man hasn't revealed much else in terms of details. At present, anime fans have yet to be told which anime studio will be working on the continuing animated adventures of Saitamaand the Hero Association. When last we left the One-Punch Man, civilization was dealing with numerous attacks from the Monster Association, a collection of deadly beasts that are attempting to take over the surface world by force. On top of these monsters, Saitama and his allies were dealing with Garou, the Hero Killer, who joined with the Monster Association in the second season finale.

One-Punch Man Season 3 is a Mystery

One-Punch Man's first season became legendary thanks in part to Studio Madhouse adapting the introduction of Saitama and his unique hero career. With JC Staff taking the reins for season 2, anime fans were split when it came to the continuing adventures of the all-powerful protagonist. There have been rumors about which anime studio will take the reins for season 3 but at this point, a year following the season's confirmation, nothing has been confirmed.

Whenever the third season does arrive, there will be some major moments for the anime adaptation to cover if it sticks close to the source material. Following his joining with the Monster Association, Garou's strength will continue to increase as he works toward taking down heroes and hopes to be the opponent that will finally defeat Saitama. When news does arrive for One-Punch Man's third season, we'll cover it here at

Do you think we'll get word on One-Punch Man's third season before year's end? What moment from the manga are you looking forward to most in the upcoming anime season? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Saitama.