Pluto Producer Shares Anime Adaptation Update

Pluto has kept things on the down low since its anime adaptation was announced years ago, but enough is enough. After five years of radio silence, fans are growing desperate for an update on the long-awaited series. And not long ago, their wishes were granted by one of the project's top producers.  

The message comes from Masao Maruyama, the founder of Studio M2 and veteran anime producer. Taking to Twitter, a fan asked the creator about the status of Pluto's anime and whether production had stopped. However, in a deleted tweet, Maruyama confirmed work on Pluto was in progress still.

Of course, this update is appreciated by fans, and they are willing to wait however it long it takes for Pluto. After all, the fandom has waited five years, so they are professionals when it comes to being patient. It is simply nice to hear the series is still being worked on, so netizens are crossing their fingers for a more substantial update from Studio M2 before long.

If you are unfamiliar with Pluto, you should know the manga was penned by Naomi Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki back in the early 2000s. Viz Media oversees the manga's release stateside, so you can read up on the story's official synopsis below for more details:

"In an ideal world where man and robots coexist, someone or something has destroyed the powerful Swiss robot Mont Blanc. Elsewhere a key figure in a robot rights group is murdered. The two incidents appear to be unrelated...except for one very conspicuous clue – the bodies of both victims have been fashioned into some sort of bizarre collage complete with makeshift horns placed by the victims' heads. Interpol assigns robot detective Gesicht to this most strange and complex case – and he eventually discovers that he too, as one of the seven great robots of the world, is one of the targets."

What do you make of this latest update? Do you think Pluto will ever see its anime debut? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

HT – Crunchyroll