One Pokemon Is Taking Over a Japanese Prefecture After Being Named Governor

If you think Pokemon has reached peak popularity, you better think again. The franchise has had [...]

If you think Pokemon has reached peak popularity, you better think again. The franchise has had some huge highs this year as its first live-action film went public, and Ash Ketchum won his first Pokemon League Championship. Now, it seems like the series is taking over a town in Japan, and it is giving no apologies for such. Clearly, this is what happens when you let a Pokemon take over your town, and Slowpoke is more than worthy of the position.

For those who do not know, Slowpoke once moonlighted as a politician, believe it or not. The Pokemon became the governor of the Kagawa for a day last year on April Fool's, but he had an entire platform to work on. While the city has since reverted back to its human leaders, Slowpoke has been biding its time, and it seems the pocket monster is ready to get re-elected.

And how might the Pokemon go about doing that? Well, it seems Slowpoke is taking over Kagawa with a slew of custom manholes depicting some of the prefecture's biggest tourist sites.

As reported by Sora News 24, Slowpoke is set to begin its takeover this fall, and it will do so with its colorful manholes. The project will include 16 different covers, and they will be placed around the prefecture to highlight areas frequently visited by tourists. The manholes will each feature Slowpoke, but a variety of other Pokemon will feature in the manholes. For instance, Magikarp is found on one of the coves, so you know who that fish will be voting for at the polls!

With the manholes set to go live in September, you have some time to plan your trip to the prefecture, and you don't have to worry about being bored. Slowpoke picked a good city to govern once as the Kagawa area is known for its Udon noodles. In fact, Slowpoke was originally tasked to oversee the prefecture since its Japanese name sounds so similar to Udon. Now, it seems The Pokemon will not rest until it recovers its status as governor, and this public works project is the first step towards Slowpoke's re-election. Now, the only thing the monster needs to do is pitch its new political platform...

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