Pokemon Sees Ash Say Goodbye to Misty and Brock in Final Episode: Watch

Pokemon has officially bid farewell to Ash Ketchum after 25 long years of traveling through the anime, and Ash's final episode also included a bittersweet final farewell to his long time traveling companions, Misty and Brock! Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master began a special final slate of episodes making sure to bid its final goodbyes to Ash after he's been having so many adventures, and it kicked off this special series by going all the way back to the beginning and reuniting Ash with his very first traveling buddies for his final adventures in the anime overall. 

Pokemon's anime officially sent off Ash into the future before starting its next wave of episodes without him, and before it started his final episode in the anime properly, there needed to be some final farewells to Misty and Brock. These two companions are still some of the more iconic companions Ash has traveled with over the course of Pokemon's over 25 years of anime episodes, and Ash's final episode said goodbye to them one final time. Check it out below as spotted by @Akilvers on Twitter: 

Pokemon: How Ash Says Goodbye to Misty and Brock

Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master kicked off Ash's final slate of episodes by reuniting Ash with Misty and Brock full time, and the classic trio immediately fell back into the rhythm that fans of the classic anime series loved seeing develop all those decades ago. But with his newest journey ending, he headed back to Pallet Town. First passing up Cerulean City and saying goodbye to Misty and Psyduck before then passing Pewter City to say goodbye to Brock and Croagunk. 

It was a Pokemon episode full of huge goodbyes to this along with some massive reunions helping to wrap up some final threads for Ash's long journey before it was all over. Pokemon will be kicking off its next era of anime releases with a new series, Pokemon Horizons: The Series, following a new set of characters starting their adventures from the very beginning. It's unclear as to whether or not Ash will return to the anime someday, but for now it also means Misty and Brock have said their final goodbyes too. 

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