Pokemon Readies for Ash's Grand Finals Battle With New Trailer

Pokemon Journeys has been getting Ash Ketchum closer and closer to becoming a true world champion, and the newest trailer for the series is hyping up what's coming in his big showdown with Leon! Ash has been working his way up through the ranks of the World Coronation Series for this newest iteration of the anime series, and he's gotten closer than ever to actually winning the entire thing rather than just winning a regional championship. After taking down some of the other Champions, now he's getting ready for his biggest and most important battle in the series so far.

Pokemon Journeys won't be kicking off the grand finals of the Masters Tournament just yet in the series' newest episodes airing in Japan, but the trailer for the next episode hitting teases a recap of how the two of them got to this point. This also means we're very close to watching the final battle for Ash's World Coronation Series journey overall, and this truly is the make or break moment for the young trainer as the series gets through its climax. Check out the new trailer below: 

Pokemon Journeys has been tough on Ash so far with just the Masters Tournament alone. Featuring the champions from the other Pokemon world regions, Ash had a series of tough battles as each champion has tested their skills against one another. For a while it even seemed like Ash would not even make it to the grand finals as he really struggled against the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia during the semifinals round. But as many had hoped, he was able to come up with one final way to defeat her and more onto the finals. 

Leon has been struggling much less so as not only had he defeated Ash during their first real battle (though it really doesn't count considering Ash and Pikachu were using Gigantamax for the first time), but his undefeated streak brought him all the way to the grand finals. Now it's just a matter of seeing how Ash can stack up to the undefeated champion when it really matters and the whole world's watching it all go down. 

What are you hoping to see from Ash's finals battle with Leon? Do you think he will be able to win the whole thing? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!