Pokemon Cancels One Champion's Retirement

Pokemon Journeys might have flirted with the idea of one champion going into retirement following the Masters Tournament, but the newest episode of the series has backed down on this idea as the champion was inspired to do battle once more! While the World Coronation Series was already packed with a ton of memorable battles as Ash Ketchum took on the entire Pokemon world on his way up the ranks, the Masters Tournament had taken things to the next level as he now battles against the other regional champions. But it's also been pretty monumental for these champions as well.  

The second match of the semifinals kicked off the highly anticipated battle between Ash and Cynthia, and it was such a big moment that Cynthia declared she was going to retire from battles when the Masters Tournament came to an end. But as the battle continued and heated up over the course of the last few episodes of the series, Cynthia was so inspired through her battle with Ash that she no longer wants to end her journey! 

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Episode 125 of Pokemon Journeys officially ended the match between Ash and Cynthia with Ash's victory, and thus he will be the one moving onto the Masters Tournament's grand finals in order to take on Leon. Though she ultimately lost the battle, doing so against Ash was enough to reignite the fire within her. As Ash was able to combat every one of her champion level tactics, and was able to push through with one final effort with Lucario, Cynthia started to think back to why she fell in love with battling in the first place. 

When she was down to her final Pokemon, Cynthia thought back to her journey thus far. And after the battle, Cynthia told Diantha that she still has much to learn about battles and the Pokemon world as a whole. She wants to continue her research, travels, and more to further expand her horizons so thankfully it's not going to be any time soon that Cynthia will stop being one of the heaviest hitters in the entire series overall. 

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