Artist Paints Stunning Artwork on Pokemon Card

In the world of Pokemon, fans have managed to turn the mundane into the magical with one artist in particular transforming an older pocket monster trading card and using it as their canvass to create some amazing artwork. The Pokemon Trading Card Game has been one of the most popular tournament card games in the world, let alone one that focuses on an anime franchise, managing to beat out Yu-Gi-Oh! This particular artist has long been a renowned painter in the Pokemon community and this latest effort just proves that Lunumbra has some serious artistic chops.

Instagram User and Artist Lunumbra shared this amazing trading card art that takes the owl type Pokemon of HootHoot and transports it into an amazing setting, wherein the legendary pocket monster of Zapdos soars through the air right near by:

Lunumbra has created some amazing artwork using Pokemon both old and new, even recently giving props to the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive video game, Pokemon Sword and Shield, by painting numerous new pocket monsters from this installment appearing in their natural environment. If you have the opportunity to watch some of the artist's works, it's really worth your time as this Pokemon painter manages to take old interpretations of your favorite pocket monsters and place them into updated, stylized new worlds.

HootHoot is a Pokemon from the second generation of the series, with the ability to evolve into its "superior" form of Noctowl, a much more imposing avian style creature. Making its first appearance in the games Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, HootHoot has managed to carve its way into a number of Poke-fans subconscious thanks to its strange, yet familiar, design.


While HootHoot doesn't have a huge role in the anime, its first appearance within the Johto Region in the episode Illusion Confusion saw the owl leading Pokemon trainers through a haunted forest, proving just how useful this diminutive owl could be when it needed to!

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