This Pokemon Bread Loaf is the Very Best

The Pokemon franchise has easily become one of the highest grossing anime series of all time, selling countless pieces of merchandise that have let fans relive the franchise in numerous new ways, and one fan has decided to bake a loaf of break that honors the anime in a number of different surprising ways. Modeled after the world that was established in the live action feature length film of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, the loaf of bread manages to perfectly re-create a Poke-ball as well as have a design lying within that paints the yellow rodent sleuth inside of it!

A sequel to Pokemon: Detective Pikachu has yet to be confirmed, which is surprising considering that the film became the most profitable video game adaptation ever released into theaters. The first film saw the titular Pikachu being voiced by none other than Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, who could speak fluent English and was looking to solve the disappearance of his former trainer. Joining his master's son on a quest of discovery and crime solving, the Warner Bros produced film hit big with audiences last year and continued to add to the lore of the universe that helped make Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu a household name!

Twitter User Izumickey0719 shared this impressive loaf of bread that perfectly recreates a Poke-Ball, as well as hiding a recreation of Detective Pikachu inside of it, proving that Pokemon fans are able to make some truly ingenious creations when it comes to bringing the anime franchise to life:

The latest season of Pokemon's anime might not have the "detective version" of Pikachu, but the good old Pikachu and his trainer Ash Ketchum have been doing a victory lap after claiming victory within the Alola League Tournament, catching some powerful new monsters to add to their roster. Though the anime series has been delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, fans are waiting with anticipation to see how the journeys of Ash and his pal Go will continue!

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