Pokemon Journeys Puts Ash's Bond With Lucario to the Ultimate Test

Pokemon Journeys put Ash and Lucario's bond to the ultimate test with the newest episode! Ash is continuing to rise through the ranks of the World Coronation Series with each new episode, and that means he's coming up against some of his toughest battles yet as he makes through the upper half of the Ultra Class and attempts to make it into the Master Class. This has tested him more than ever before, and he's starting to utilize all of the tricks and techniques he has picked up through his worldly journey so far. 

This has been especially true with his newest battle as after taking on Bea in two earlier battles in the earlier ranks of the World Coronation Series, Ash now finds himself facing off against one of his biggest rivals in their third and presumably final battle. This showcases how far he and Lucario have come since their first two battles, but one moment in particular really put their bond to the ultimate test as Lucario refused to Mega Evolve when Ash tried to use it at first and instead wanted to show how strong it could be without it. 

Ash had spent the previous couple of episodes finding a Key Stone and Lucarionite in order to unlock Mega Evolution for Lucario in the bigger battles to come in the rest of the World Coronation Series. This was just in time as his next battle was up against Bea, and it kicked off with the newest episode of the series. Lucario had just as much to prove against the fighting trainer as Ash did as when it was a Riolu, it had struggled so much for a victory. Now that it has evolved, it wants to show Bea what it could really do and this got Ash a little nervous when it looked like Lucario was pinned. 

Ash had tried to use Mega Evolution, but Lucario refused to evolve (much to the shock of everyone in the audience). Lucario wanted to wait until Bea was really pushing herself, and wanted Ash to know that it was okay. Thus Ash and Lucario are now holding out until when Mega Evolution is absolutely necessary, and thus will be able to use it when it's the right time. But what did you think of Lucario refusing to Mega Evolve until it's ready? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!