Pokemon Journeys Preview Teases Return of Ash and Pikachu's Z-Move

Pokemon Journeys is teasing the return of Ash and Pikachu's Z-Move with the preview for the next [...]

Pokemon Journeys is teasing the return of Ash and Pikachu's Z-Move with the preview for the next episode of the series! While international fans are currently waiting for the next batch of episodes to hit Netflix with the debut of Pokemon Master Journeys, the anime has been continuing Ash and Goh's journeys through the various regions of the franchise with new episodes each week in Japan. Things have gotten especially tense as Ash has made it to the Ultra Class of the World Coronation Series and this means he's going up against his toughest opponents in the series yet.

While Ash has come face to face with some familiar allies and foes over the course of the series as he's made it up the ranks in the World Coronation Series thus far, his next match in the Ultra Class group is bringing him face to face with the strongest Gym Leader of the Sinnoh region, Volkner. He's going to need every edge he can get, and this means a return to his Z-Ring usage as one extra bit of help. You can check out the tease for it in the preview video above!

Pokemon Journeys Ash Pikachu Z-Move Return
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Episode 77 of the series caps off a string of episodes in which Ash and Goh have not only returned to the Sinnoh region (as part of a special arc where Dawn briefly returned to the anime), but the Alola region as well. This stand alone episode seemed like it was a one-off adventure not tied into any of the work Ash and Goh had done in the Sinnoh region, but it had actually laid the groundwork for Ash's use of the Z-Ring in this coming episode.

When in Alola in Episode 76, Goh not only found out about Ash being a champion of the region, but had wondered whether or not Ash could use Z-Moves as well. He sees Ash teaching a pair of young boys how to channel the Z-Ring's energy, but Ash himself had forgotten to bring his Z-Ring for that particular adventure. It looks like all of this Z-Move focus had sparked the idea in Ash to use the move for his advantage once more in his coming battle against Volkner.

It's yet to be revealed whether or not this will be the same Z-Move or another movie altogether, but it makes this upcoming battle all the more exciting. Not only that, it implies Ash can still have access to every boost he's had in the past like Mega Evolutions, Z-Moves, and even Dynamax should the situation call for it. But what do you think? Are you excited to see Ash and Pikachu use this move for their arsenal again? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!