Pokemon Journeys Reveals Korrina's New Design

Pokemon Journeys hasn't just walked us through the new region of Galar, but it has also taken a [...]

Pokemon Journeys hasn't just walked us through the new region of Galar, but it has also taken a trip to the past by having Ash and his new friend Go travel through environments of old and meeting familiar characters, with the gym leader of Korrina looking to make a return appearance with a new design! Korrina, for those who might not be familiar, was the gym leader of Shalour City and first appeared in the video game of Pokemon X and Y, specializing in fighting type Pokemon much like the Galar gym leader of Bea.

This won't be the first time that Ash and Korrina have met, with the two trainers having previously run into one another in past episodes of the Pokemon anime series. With Ketchum's journey to become one of the best Pokemon trainers in the world, he tested his pocket monsters against Korrina's and the former was able to clinch a victory against the Shalour City Gym Leader. Among the many trainers that Ash has fought, Korrina's design and personality definitely help her in sticking out from the crowd of those who have challenged Ash during his quest to become a master within the world of Pokemon trainers!

Twitter User Matthew202X shared a few stills from an upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys that show off the new design for Korrina, the gym leader who is looking to make a return to the life of Ash Ketchum as he continues his "victory lap" following his new status as the champion of the Alola League Tournament:

New episodes of Pokemon Journeys were pushed back as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but fans in North America have been given the opportunity to watch the series via Netflix. With the streaming service most likely bringing all the episodes of the popular anime to its roster, Korrina will appear sooner or later on Netflix as well.

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