Pokemon Journeys Teases Goh's Final Trials in New Project Mew Trailer

Pokemon Journeys is setting the stage for Goh's final trial missions in order to get onto the Project Mew team, and the anime is celebrating with a special new trailer showing off more of what is coming the young trainer's way! As the newest iteration of the anime reaches the climax of its run, fans have seen Ash Ketchum making his way up to his highest ranking in the World Coronation Series yet. With Ash's final challenge now set for him, it's time for the series to establish the final challenge that Goh will be taking on as he tries to accomplish his dreams of catching Mew.

With Goh's main dream of somehow reuniting and catching Mew after first meeting the Legendary as a child, fans have seen Goh taking on all sorts of challenging trials to make it onto the final team that will be taking on the toughest expedition they can. The newest episode of the series takes him through yet another major trial, and the anime is setting the stage for his final set of tests with a special new trailer. You can check it out below as released by Pokemon Journeys' official Twitter account: 

The newest episode of the anime officially kicked off Goh's final string of challenges for the Project Mew trials as it was confirmed that Ash was no longer able to accompany him much like he has done in the past. With Goh having enough medals to continue thanks to getting through so many of the other challenges so far, Goh has now made it through five different trials as of the latest episode. But it seems like this will soon be settled by one or two more trials as the final pool of potential team members whittles down even more. 

Much like how Gary was for Ash in their original series, Gary has since returned to the anime to be the main rival to Goh this time around. He currently leads in terms of having the best spot of getting onto the Project Mew team, but the trailer teases that the two will come to face one another head on as they take on more regional Legendaries, tougher challenges and more. If he has just as much luck Ash, we could be seeing even bigger things for Goh's future! 

What do you think? What are you hoping to see for Goh's future? Do you think he will be able to battle his way onto the Project Mew team officially? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!