Pokemon: Paldea Winds Episode 1 Released

The Pokemon: Paldea Winds anime just launched with its very first episode.

It is here! Pokemon: Paldea Winds just put its first episode out into the world. After being announced earlier this summer, the new miniseries has gone live, and the Paldea-centric show is already capturing fans with its fun story.

The whole thing can be seen above as Pokemon: Paldea Winds episode one is streaming on YouTube. The premiere comes in at under 15 minutes long, but it packs a lot into that span. From gorgeous animation to its cute cast of trainers, Pokemon: Paldea Winds looks like a success. It will remind fans of recent Pokemon miniseries such as Twilight Wings, but of course, this special anime is all about the franchise's new generation.

Set in Paldea, this new anime introduces the region's intricate trainer academy system. This is why our three protagonists are all classmates, of course. In this first episode, the students are put in a tough spot after they are asked to film a promo for their school, and the pressure gets to them faster than expected. So if you're curious about this first episode, you can read its official synopsis below:

"Shortly before the arrival of a new classmate, three students at the academy are assigned the task of making a video introducing the school. O'Hara, who is normally reserved, is good at playing the flute but is under pressure to perform... They all try their best to make the video together, but it does not go well. Sick of it all, the three run away to Mt. Nappe on a self-proclaimed treasure hunt."

We all know how tough school can be, after all. Studying is tough, and we can only imagine how much tougher school would be with Pokemon training added. Luckily, these courses allow students to have their Pokemon companion on hand to help them out, so no student goes into class on their own. They've always got a friend by their side, and Pokemon: Paldea Winds will explore that student-companion bond as it airs new episodes.

If you want to keep up with Pokemon's new miniseries, the show will be streamed on YouTube exclusively. You can also find the anime's other miniseries streaming there including Pokemon: The Arceus Chronicles. As for the main Pokemon anime, the series is streaming on Netflix these days, and its English dub is slowly approaching Ash's final episode.

What do you think about this first installment of Pokemon: Paldea Winds? Are you obsessed with the miniseries? Let us know what you think in the comments below as well as on Twitter and Instagram. You can also hit me up @MeganPetersCB to share your take!