Pokemon Has Finally Unmasked Sword and Shield's Ball Guy

The Pokemon franchise goes great with mascots, and the brand has no problem admitting it. From [...]

The Pokemon franchise goes great with mascots, and the brand has no problem admitting it. From Pikachu to Eevee and more, the pocket monsters cannot help but sell, but few of the franchise's mascots have gained notoriety as fast as Ball Guy. The character was introduced during Pokemon Sword and Shield to the interest of millions, and many have wondered who might be under the mascot's mask. And thanks to a special anime update, fans have gotten a partial look at the unmasked mystery man.

Recently, Pokemon: Twilight Wings put out a new episode, and it was there fans were greeted by a rare sight. Episode 5 snuck in a look at the true face of Ball Guy sans mask. Fans know what the mascot's helmet looks like thanks to its iconic design, but it turns out the Ball Guy is pretty stylish without the mask on.

The blink-and-miss moment was spotted towards the end of Pokemon: Twilight Wings. Episode 5 follows around Chairman Rose's vice president as she covers his duties for the day. When Oleana is called away from a job, a brief shot is shown of a city street at night, and the Ball Guy can be seen dining at an outside cafe table.

pokemon twilight wings
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

His back may be turned to fans, but Ball Guy is easy to recognize given his outfit. His famous headgear is sitting on the table before him as he eats, so this is how fans can get a peek at Ball Guy. His face is obscured by the angle, but fans can see the man is blonde and has a stylish hair. The mascot favors an undercut that coifs back much of his long hair, so we must say we approve. And if Pokemon wants to give fans a full look at Ball Guy, we would definitely appreciate it!

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